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December 14, 2005


Gautam Ghosh

Congratulations for coming in at number 33 !! It must be a great honor !

Here are my posts on the list:

warm regards

Atul Kumar

Rakesh, this news really made my day. To see someone in the list whom I know in ways other than via media is really great. It was a very special moment especially since almost all my favorites from Global Indian diaspora have made it there.

Prof. Prahlad is my alum, Ram Charan is someone who recently conducted sessions for my business & you are someone whom i am hopeful of catching in person whenever you come this side next time.

Wish you all the best & success. Will be keen to follow your ascent to the very top

Makarand Gulawani

Two years ago, I attended annual conference of Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) in Goa. There, someone said, 'you are going to be the next guru'. Now, I see you there. Appreciate it.
Wish you best for 2006.

Anand Desai

I ask for your apology when I write the following lines to you for I believe that the rankings given above are a little narrow at focus.It goes unsayingly that all the names titled above belong to one or the other cadre of Business Tycoons. But then generalising and assigning them the tag "TOP 50 BUSINESS BRAINs" would actually be unjust for those who have actually been a part of their team.To support this, I must say even when a single person steps into the field of entreprenuership, there are many minds behind his success.That one individual having highest share in terms of investment in that case merely becomes a part and ambassador for what the strategies have been.Its never just one brain that runs the whole business.I have believed that when a business proliferates/ceases praises/blames have not be headed by one but must also be shared by CONSUMER/CLIENT brains for when it comes to them, its their BRAINS which actually start making difference to their own and others business.So what i feel is that,if the category has to for TOP 50 BRAINS it must be modified to TOP 51 BRAINS ,first being A LAYMAN WHO AT EACH MOMENT THINKS OF SOME OR THE OTHER BUSINESS IN ONE ASPECT OR THE OTHER FOR HIS BETTER MENT.And as far as my knowledge takes me even the best evolves from very normal that once existed.Hence in my opinion the title would better have been TOP 50 AMBASSADORS OF BUSINESS BRAINS AT WORK.

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